“Gosh, I loved this book!” Only God Writes Trees Review

A very thoughtful review was posted on on September 3, 2013 by the talented and always fair James Grimsby. Just click here for the link.

Amazon review   5 stars

This is what a medical thriller should be.

This is the kind of medical thriller I really enjoy — it takes a complicated issue and explains it, but not like a textbook. In this novel, the subject of memory technology and brain function is explained within the stages of an excellent mystery with just enough romance, ethics questions, corporate politics, and human struggles to get all the way to the end without stepping in the usual pot holes. It actually could have ended sooner and left the last two chapters to the reader’s imagination, but worth getting all the way to the Acknowledgment, which was like a bonus story in itself. I will definitely be watching for other titles from this author.

Amazon review   5 stars

One of my favorites.

If the car needs washing or the lawn needs mowing
do it before you open this book or you will have an
unhappy wife.

this book starts off great and keeps getting better through
the last page.

Amazon review   5 stars

This is an extremely well-written debut novel that starts with a medical mystery, adds characters of depth that draw the reader into their emotions, stirs in a tangled past and a well-nuanced romance, all culminating in an unlikely but (for this reader) heartfelt, trumphant ending.

The story is about a doctor conducting research into a way to reverse the affects of dementia, which has devastated at least two previous generations of his family. While seeking his medical center’s approval for human trials, he finds himself beset by inexplicable roadblocks, an unwanted, unplanned romance, and secrets from his past. In the winding and unwinding of the blocks to his research, he also finds himself in a labyrinth of emotions and experiences that change his view of his work, his past and his future. Suitably bad guys and surprising allies and enemies pop up almost to the very end.

I am an avid reader and have read almost every genre of fiction and non-fiction. I have also read many a new writer’s efforts in the last year thanks to my Kindle, something I used to avoid. If I could I would rate this book six stars; further, I would rank it as on of the top two or three best-written (and edited) free or paid Kindle books out of the 200+ Kindle books I have read.

Story: Marvelous plot, beautifully crafted so that I was carried right into the book despite my initial negative reaction to the main character. I could not put this book down, and I did not skip a page, although I confess to “scanning” the few bits loaded with “medical speak.” Set in Chicago with plenty of local flavor, Wrigley Field included! Well drawn characters and believable interactions. The (to me) unanticipated twists and turns made it an absorbing mystery.

Violence/Sexuality: One rather explicit chapter that was germane to getting to understand the main character.

Editing/Format: Refreshingly excellent.

If you like a good story, whether it be a medical mystery/thriller, romance, or just good fiction, read this book! I know I will be reading it again.

Purchase now!

Amazon review   5 stars

Devoured it in a day.

Great novel with a delicious dose of suspense, and very difficult to put down! Thoroughly enjoyed this, and was sorry to reach the end so quickly. Looking forward to the next release from this author!

Amazon review   5 Stars

A wonderful mixture of science, love and suspense.

This Book has the best aspects of science, love and suspense interwoven with skillful writing. I loved everything about it!
I would recommend it to people who enjoy exceptional writing and a story that’s difficult to put down.

Amazon review   5 Stars

Dr. Palmieri’s first novel is an engaging and entertaining medical thriller–but not a stereotypical one. It doesn’t rely on page after page of exposition and medical descriptions, but on strong characters that happen to be in a medical setting. The medical angle is there, coming alive through immersion in a well-realized story. But Palmieri doesn’t smack you over the head with it.

The plot involves a neurologist whose entire life and career have been shaped by his conviction that he will succumb to a family curse–an early-onset dementia that has struck down generations. He’s developed a treatment, maybe, but shadowy figures seem to stand in his way.

There are many memorable side characters, including an oily, detestable administrator and an adorable Russian lab assistant, devoted to his little rodent charges. But the focus remains on the development of the main characters and their evolving, not-quite-straightforward relationship.

I really enjoyed reading this first novel, and look forward to more from this new author. It’s a great read that won’t disappoint.

Amazon review   5 Stars

Best medical based story I’ve read in years.Reflects today’s medical and cut throat business world as only an insider can.

Amazon review   5 Stars

To label this wonderful novel as a medical thriller is a bit of a disservice to the author. Not that I don’t enjoy medical thrillers, but there is so much more to this book than just a well-crafted plot of medical suspense. First, there are memorable characters, many of whom are struggling to come to terms with their past, but each in their own way. But even more impressive is the author’s ability to touch on universal human themes without coming off as pretentious or preachy.

The central theme of the novel is how our memories of selected events in our lives affect our self-identity, and how unreliable our interpretation of these memories can sometimes be. In the process, Palmieri brushes up on matters of philosophy and religion without brow-beating the reader.

Still, what really drives this novel is a story that immediately engages and then manages to flow smoothly. You immediately care about the protagonist, flawed as he may be. There are many twists and turns that are surprising but far from contrived.

In short, if you’re looking for a medical novel that will make you think but will leave you feeling good, this is your book. Just one warning: when you’re done reading it you’ll want to read it again.

Amazon Review   5 stars

I read the prologue (free) and I fell for it immediately. I have now been enjoying this book for several days. I am not finished yet, but felt compelled to write about it non the less. I am past it’s midway point, and can’t find the time to pick it up again to continue reading. The plot is very interesting. The imagery, sensuality and intrigue are exquisitely written. So far, every chapter (relatively small and varied) has been a delight to read. The author keeps a thread that is clear (don’t need to know medicine at all), yet with each chapter presents an almost totally different aspect of what is going on. With every chapter, he creates new questions that beg to be answered as you continue reading. I am sure as other reviewers have said, when i am finished i will want to read it again, and for sure want to see more from this Author

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